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Skin Elasticity: The Key to a Smoother, More Youthful Complexion?

Skin Elasticity: The Key to a Smoother, More Youthful Complexion?

A youthful complexion is characterised by skin that is smooth, radiant, plump and glowing. Many of us spend a significant amount of time and energy in pursuit of this elusive goal. So, how, exactly, do we achieve it? Underpinning all of these factors is skin elasticity. Below, we’ll explain why skin elasticity is so important for beauty and tips on how you can improve it.

What is skin elasticity?

Skin elasticity refers to your skin’s ability to ‘bounce back’ when pressed, kind of like how a rubber band will return to its original shape after being snapped. Skin elasticity is what keeps the skin taut and flexible. Elastin and collagen are responsible for skin elasticity. These two proteins, found naturally in the skin’s dermal layers, work in collaboration to give the skin its firmness, smoothness and structure. Think of them as the body’s in-built building blocks for beauty.

What happens when we lose skin elasticity?

Our natural elastin and collagen levels decline as we get older, which results in skin laxity and sagging (as well as wrinkles, fine lines, dryness and uneven texture). The decline of elastin and collagen, which occurs from our 20s onwards, can be accelerated by lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, pollution exposure, poor diet, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

How can we get our skin elasticity back?

Thankfully, there are small lifestyle adjustments we can make to help boost the body’s supply of elastin and collagen. Reducing stress through activities like yoga, ensuring you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night, wearing sunscreen daily and drinking enough water are all great places to start. When it comes to your beauty routine, there’s no better answer than incorporating edible collagen into your routine.

How does edible collagen increase skin elasticity?

Edible collagen has been clinically proven to increase skin elasticity at a cellular level by promoting the synthesis of new collagen and elastin. Studies show that edible collagen increases skin elasticity by 40%, significantly increases skin firmness and density, and boosts elastin. The science reflects our own findings; in a recent consumer study, 69% of our customers experience increased elasticity after taking By Beth daily for 8 weeks.

What should I look for in a collagen supplement to increase skin elasticity?

Like with anything you’re ingesting, it’s essential that you choose the highest quality option available. Many collagen brands on the market aren’t clear about the origin of their collagen, meaning it could have been sourced unethically. At By Beth, we use 100% Australian grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine collagen. We work with local farmers to source our collagen, so we have complete visibility over our supply chain and feel comfortable knowing it was ethically produced according to Australia’s strict clean and green farming standards. In our Wood & Spice and Fruit & Floral formulations, we’ve added native Australian botanicals selected for their supercharged antioxidant properties.

How do I take collagen?

By Beth collagen couldn’t be easier to take. All of our collagen comes in powder form, making it incredibly easy to add to your favourite drink. Simply add 1 teaspoon to 250ml of your hot or cold liquid of choice, stir to dissolve and sip.

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