The Founder

By Beth is a collagen collection created by Beth Levis and centred on the ethos that luxury and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive.

Born in the Northern Territory and raised on Magnetic Island, Beth has been enamoured by Australia’s abundance since a young age. Each aspect of the brand has been contemplated through an environmental lens.

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Tasteless, locally sourced, 100% pure bovine collagen.

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Marine or bovine? Locally or internationally produced?
Not all collagen supplements are created equal.

How Cue's approach to local manufacturing influenced
Beth Levis' own brand

Beth Levis on green juice, supplement scepticism and why by beth isn't just another collagen brand

By Beth operates on Gadigal country. We acknowledge the Gadigal people as the traditional custodians of the Eora Nation and pay our respects to Elders past and present.


Australian bovine collagen and native botanicals reveal radiance from the inside out. Ingestible collagen is clinically proven to hydrate and plump the skin, strengthen hair and nails, and support gut health.