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Transform Your Life with 'Revitalise + Conquer': Discover the Proven Path to Vitality and Beauty!

Stories of empowerment with incredible Australians hosted by By Beth founder, Beth Levis.

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Beth Levis

Beth Levis, founder of By Beth Australia, is interviewed by Kellie Hush on what her inspiration behind the brand was.

Former Commonwealth Games pole vaulter Amanda Bisk

Shares her journey about overcoming depression and chronic fatigue – and how she turned her biggest challenges into her greatest strengths.

Cricket legend Shane Watson

Cricket legend Shane Watson is known as one of the best all-rounders in Australian history, despite constant health struggles. He tells us about the importance of luck, timing and, most importantly, gratitude.

Indigenous supermodel Samantha Harris

Indigenous supermodel Samantha Harris is an internationally known name in the fashion industry. She talks about using her public profile to raise awareness in her community and tell the stories that need to be told.

Holistic nutritionist and wellness guru, Liv Kaplan

Shares her tools for holistic health and explains why food is so much more than just fuel.

Holistic health expert and Bali-based model Shannon Tang

Holistic health expert and Bali-based model Shannon Tang shares how positive affirmations have helped her to overcome self-limiting beliefs and insecurities.


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