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Anti-ageing and collagen: everything you need to know

Anti-ageing and collagen: everything you need to know

At By Beth, we take a holistic approach to anti-ageing. We believe that in order to embrace healthy ageing, we nourish the skin from within so that it’s at its very best regardless of age or life stage. Below, we explore how edible collagen is a must-have in your anti-ageing beauty arsenal.

What is ageing?

The largest and one of the most important organs, the skin plays a vital role in acting as a shield that protects us from the external environment. This means it comes up against a lot of environmental aggressors including UV rays, pollutants, bacteria and dust. These environmental aggressors can generate free radicals, which are unstable molecules that latch onto healthy cells and destroy them – leading to signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. This type of ageing is called extrinsic ageing, with long term sun exposure being the leading cause. Other factors like smoking, alcohol consumption and diet also fall under extrinsic ageing. The other type of ageing is written in our genes. It’s called intrinsic ageing and it refers to the inevitable psychological processes that occur within the body, such as the gradual breakdown of our tissues, cells and organs.

What is collagen and what does it have to do with ageing?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, representing 30% of the body’s dry weight. Along with performing important bodily functions like aiding repair and healing, collagen also gives the skin structure, strength and elasticity. In other words, it’s what keeps the skin looking glowing, hydrated, firm, smooth and plump!

If the body already has collagen, why use an edible collagen supplement?

From our 20s onwards, we lose our natural supply of collagen at a rapid rate (which significantly increases during and after menopause). It’s been proven that ageing is associated with a decrease in collagen. Scientists have also shown that in ageing skin collagen bundles become disorganised (thinner and more fragmented) causing visible signs of ageing on the skin’s surface.

Why not use a moisturiser or serum containing collagen instead?

The skin, playing the important protective role that it does, can only absorb products so deep when applied topically. Collagen has a large molecular size, so it sits on the top layer of the skin and is unable to penetrate the dermis where it’s most needed. Edible collagen, on the other hand, increases our collagen levels at a cellular level.

How does edible collagen work once it has been ingested?

Its first destination is the small intestine, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream in the form of small collagen peptides and free amino acids. Through your network of blood vessels, these collagen peptides and free amino acids are distributed throughout your body, in particular to the dermis (the layer of skin that lies below the epidermis), where they can remain up to 14 days. Once it’s reached your dermis, edible collagen acts in two different ways: it provides the building blocks for the formation of new collagen and it stimulates the production of new collagen.

What effects does edible collagen have on the skin?

Edible collagen is clinically proven to reduce skin dryness, reduce the overall appearance of wrinkles, reduce eye wrinkles, reduce nasolabial fold depth, improve skin elasticity, improve skin density, improve skin hydration, improve skin moisture, improve skin roughness and improve skin texture.

What should I look for in an edible collagen supplement?

Always make sure you are taking a high quality collagen supplement using clean and pure ingredients. At By Beth, we only use 100% Australian grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine collagen. We work with local farmers to source our collagen, so we have complete visibility over our supply chain and feel comfortable knowing it was ethically produced according to Australia’s strict farming standards. To further boost the beautifying properties of bovine collagen, By Beth formulations also harness native botanicals. Superpowered plants characterised by their incredibly high antioxidant levels, native botanicals work in conjunction with bovine collagen to fight free radical damage and defend against oxidative stress.

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