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Winter is a season of stillness and introspection. The days become shorter and the temperature drops, which is nature’s way of nudging us to slow down, too. Flowers all but disappear, trees shed their leaves and animals hibernate – all signals that we’re entering an inward time of rest and recuperation. At By Beth, we believe that we’re at our best when we live in alignment with nature and adjust our wellness practices to be in sync with the seasons. Below are some of our tips for making the most of the colder weather.



When it’s dark and dim outside, what better excuse to spend time at home cooking a warming meal to savour on your own or share with loved ones? In winter, we turn to foods that are slow cooked at low temperatures: hearty soups, rich stews, strengthening broths, and comforting congee. We like to enjoy seasonal produce like pumpkin, winter greens, cabbage and root vegetables; fruits like persimmons, quince and rhubarb. Try adding aromatic spices such as cinnamon, cloves and star anise to add a touch of heat and flavour. Likewise, reach for warming drinks like hot ginger tea or chai between meals – even better if you add a serve of By Beth collagen for an added beauty boost! The Original blends beautifully with hot liquids and is virtually tasteless. Don’t shy from a glass of wine in the evening; it keeps the blood warm and flowing.


Winter is about striking a balance between rest and movement. It can be tempting to forgo exercise altogether when it’s less than inspiring, but our bodies need some level of light activity even in the depths of winter. Incorporate long, slow movements such as yin yoga, gentle stretching, light walks, cycling, jogging or dancing and cardio workouts that strengthen the lower body like lunges and squats. Try to take it outdoors where possible to soak in the last rays of sunlight and crisp air whenever you get the chance.


In winter, our skin notoriously becomes dry and dehydrated. A lack of humidity in the air causes the skin’s moisture levels to drastically drop, leaving our faces, lips and hands chapped, flaky and dull. During this time, it’s essential to encourage skin cell turnover and increase hydration. Along with reducing the signs of ageing, By Beth’s range of edible bovine collagen is clinically proven to significantly enhance skin moisture, hydration, elasticity and firmness over a short period of time by boosting the body’s natural collagen supply. Able to effect change at a cellular level deep below the skin’s surface, bovine collagen works in a way that topical treatments like creams and serums simply cannot. Incorporating By Beth into your winter beauty routine is the easiest way to ensure a year-round lit-from-within glow and prevent permanent damage. You can explore our range here to find your perfect flavour.



Just as the natural world around us is still, winter invites us to explore our more quiet and contemplative side. In winter it’s important not to feel guilty about prioritising alone-time over socialising. The end goal is preserving your energy. Support yourself by remaining physically warm; sit by a fire, read in bed, and binge Netflix while wearing some gorgeously comfortable loungewear (try cashmere for a luxurious take on tracksuits).


Rest is important in winter, so sleep is essential. Get more than usual in winter to reap the healing benefits of a good night’s sleep. To help preserve your energy, you could go to bed an hour or so earlier than usual. It’s normal to want to sleep in a little later too, rising after the sun has had time to warm up your surroundings. Keep the body warm and cosy in bed, surrounding yourself with soft textures like mohair throw rugs and quilted duvets.


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