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In an increasingly automated world, there is something refreshingly profound about a return to the human touch. That’s just one of the reasons why we chose to work with Dennis, who grows all of our Davidson Plum and still picks each and every crop by hand.

As an Australian beauty brand celebrating native ingredients, the people we choose to work with are important to us. We only source our ingredients from Australian producers, and we selectively work with suppliers – like Dennis – who are actively helping to regenerate the land with their sustainable farming practices.

Set amongst 42 hectares of stunning rainforest and wetlands, Dennis uses organic practices to grow his abundance. Despite modern day farming pressures, Dennis remains true to his vision of giving back to the land rather than taking from it.

Known for its intense purple colour, refreshing aroma and incredibly high Vitamin C content, Davidson Plum truly is a native superfood. We use it in our Wood & Spice blend and feel comfortable knowing we have sourced it ethically and locally from Dennis’ farm. By turning our attention to the abundance of Australia, we support the local economy and have full transparency over our supply chain.



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