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In Honour of Mother’s Day, Our Founder Beth Levis Intimately Shares Her Experience

In Honour of Mother’s Day, Our Founder Beth Levis Intimately Shares Her Experience

The bond between mother and child is sacred, complex and like no other. In celebration of mothers in their many forms, our founder Beth Levis shares her personal experience navigating motherhood. Below, the businesswoman and mother of four muses on how motherhood transformed her outlook on life and how it has fed into the ethos of the By Beth brand.
What is the greatest joy of motherhood?
Seeing, hearing and experiencing the pure and innocent joy that my children experience through life. Whether it be walking for the first time, speaking for the first time or riding a bike for the first time. These are the most joyous occasions which bring pure joy to myself. Nothing brings me more happiness then watching my children enjoy life!


How about the biggest challenge?

Picking up the pieces when everything goes wrong, which can sometimes be daily! When your child is sick, hurt or upset. This is the greatest challenge for I feel everything they feel. Each trip to the hospital I am sure has caused me more pain than them. Each tear shed has hurt me twice as much as them. It is a huge challenge holding the fort together and doing it with a sense of calm, patience and at all times nurture. The immensity of this challenge is something we all experience as mothers on a day-to-day basis.





How has being a mother changed you?

It’s taught me to stop and smell the roses, for what I thought was important before kids has strangely now become irrelevant. Kids force us to re-evaluate our priorities in life. Family, health, happiness and kindness to everyone. Before children I had blinkers on and focused solely on myself. Now, with four children, a husband, one step-son, one dog, one bunny and six fish (note: we did also have four guinea pigs and two chickens but I couldn’t handle the poo situation anymore), I can very rarely focus on myself. I honestly feel it’s shaped me into a better person though, as now I have my priorities in the right place and my compassion for life is so much greater.


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How has your experience of being a mother helped to inform the By Beth product?

Compassion, patience, resilience and beauty in both nature and humanity. It is motherhood that has taught me these things and it is these elements which form the key pillars of our brand architecture. I wanted to create something beautiful and purposeful.


What’s the greatest piece of advice your own mother passed on to you?

To keep things simple. My mother was a wonderful and strong woman whose key motto in life was to keep things simple. I think this is honestly something that we all need to remember in modern day life where it is increasingly easy to feel overloaded or overworked. If it’s not absolutely necessary, cut it out. This is something I often have to remind myself but something I find helps me tremendously with being a mother.

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