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From argan oil to pomegranate extract and Hungarian mud, as Australians we have a tendency to seek out the exotic and far-flung in our beauty routines. But this international appetite means that our own homegrown ingredients are often overlooked and veiled in obscurity - despite being traditionally utilised for medicinal, healing and ceremonial purposes.

Geographically removed from the rest of the world, Australia’s native flora has developed in isolation over tens of thousands of years. Between droughts and flooding rains, arid soils and snow-capped mountains, our big and boundless country poses challenging growing conditions. The plants that have survived have had to adapt; they’ve supercharged themselves with high levels of antioxidants and vitamins in order to endure the elements.

As some of the most potent plants in the world, native Australian botanicals offer promisingwellbeing benefits. “High anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants are particularly good at countering the effects of metabolic syndrome resulting from a modern western lifestyle,” food horticulturist and environmentalist Peter Hardwick told Vogue Australia in 2019.

When it comes to beauty, native botanicals deliver results - naturally. Active ingredients transform the skin at a cellular level and, because botanicals are derived straight from the source - the ground beneath us - they don’t require human intervention to be effective. Incredible antioxidant properties give these powerful plants the ability to fight the signs of ageing caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.  

Native Australian botanicals also offer a refreshing experience for the palate. It’s no surprise that they’ve become buzzy ingredients in the culinary scene, with hatted chefs such as Jock Zonfrillo (Orana) and Ben Shewry (Attica) celebrating them on the plate. 

Given both their beautifying benefits and flavourful profiles, we wanted the By Beth range to honor the bountiful botanicals found in our own backyard. Working with local growers, we carefully selected native botanicals to complement our collagen.

Wood & Spice​ heroes Wattleseed, a deeply nourishing and hydrating nutrient-rich bushfood; Davidson’s Plum, which supports collagen production and promotes skin elasticity; and Cinnamon Myrtle, a warm and aromatic spice. ​Fruit & Floral​ features Quandong, a native peach prized for its amazing antioxidant qualities; Muntries, small but mighty berries that feed the skin; and Strawberry Gum, an anti-inflammatory with a sweet, slightly balsamic flavour.

By choosing to use native Australian botanicals in our beauty routines, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of our culture and respect for the natural world. You can find out more about the ingredients we use ​here.


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