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As an Australian brand that harnesses local ingredients and native botanicals, we have a deep connection not only to our land but our people. We source all of our ingredients domestically and work with Australian suppliers. We are guided by our social responsibility to give back.

Empowerment With Literacy

We believe all Australians should enjoy the same freedoms and privileges. The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation provides vital reading and writing skills to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children in remote communities, opening them up to new opportunities and possibilities.

Replanting Our Natural Habitat

Nature is not only a source of inspiration, but a source of human life. Greening Australia aims to regenerate the land by planting 500 million native trees and shrubs by 2030. Along with providing a home for wildlife, this will reduce carbon pollution and restore degraded farmland.

Cleaning The Sea

Australia is known world-over for our beautiful beaches. The rise of disposable and single-use plastics mean that a lot of it ends up in our waterways. In partnership with Seabin Project, we can help to clean the sea and lessen the devastating impact of ocean plastic on the ecosystem and human health.

Hello Tomorrow

We work with carefully selected charities to help create a brighter future for both our country’s biodiversity and people.

We are proud to align with i=Change on our philanthropic vision, donating $1 from each sale to causes we feel strongly about.


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