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From our Red Centre to our pristine coastlines, Australia is a country like no other. By Beth is proudly Australian made and owned, and as a brand we do our very best to celebrate the incredible beauty of the place we are privileged to call home.

“I wanted to create a beauty brand that supported Australia: our local manufacturers, farmers and growers,” explains founder Beth Levis. “My aim was to create a luxurious, premium product that not only benefits whoever is using it, but our community as a whole.”

Below are just some of the ways that we support local and, by choosing to purchase from us, you can too.

100 % Australian Bovine Collagen

The basis of our formulas, our bovine collagen is ethically sourced from pasture-raised and grass-fed Australian cattle. In sourcing our collagen locally, we are able to maintain complete visibility over our supply chain. We feel comfortable knowing exactly where our product comes from and being able to guarantee its quality. Australia has a global reputation for clean and green cattle farming, backed by strict quality controls and best practice systems in traceability, food safety and sustainability. Free from toxins, hormones, antibiotics and heavy metals, our bovine collagen is premium, pure and natural.



Native Australian Botanicals

Our formulations also hero locally grown native botanicals, which work in conjunction with bovine collagen to naturally fight free radical damage and defend against oxidative stress. Sourced only from Australian growers, we selectively work with suppliers based on their sustainable farming and grazing practices which help to regenerate the land and reverse climate change. By turning our attention to the abundance of Australia, we support the domestic economy and agriculture industry.



Giving Back to the Community & Country

As an Australian brand that harnesses local ingredients and native botanicals, we have a deep connection not only to our land but our people. We work with selected charities to help create a brighter future for both our country’s biodiversity and people. We are proud to align with i=Change on our philanthropic vision, donating $1 from each sale to causes we feel strongly about. The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation provides reading and writing skills to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children in remote communities, Greening Australia aims to reduce carbon pollution and restore degraded farmland, and the Seabin Project removes ocean waste plastic from our beaches.

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