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How do I know if my collagen has been ethically sourced?

How do I know if my collagen has been ethically sourced?

We believe that transparency is an integral part of being a sustainable beauty brand. It’s important to us that we know exactly where our ingredients have come from, so that we can be confident in delivering an effective and ethical collagen range that gives you real results. In our formulations, Australian bovine collagen and native botanicals reveal radiance from the inside out. Using ethical, local and premium ingredients, we have created an edible beauty line that celebrates nature while being firmly grounded in science.

The results speak for themselves. Clinical research shows that collagen is proven to increase skin hydration and reduce the signs of ageing. It also strengthens the hair and nails, while simultaneously supporting overall gut health for holistic wellbeing.

In a recent survey, 97% of our customers said they are more likely to purchase from a sustainable brand and 82% said it was important to them to know that their collagen had been ethically sourced. Unfortunately, as a consumer it can be difficult to know exactly where your collagen has come from. For example, some brands on the market use collagen that has been imported from overseas and has been derived from a factory-farmed source.

Edible collagen is always derived from an animal source, most commonly bovine (cattle hides and bones) or marine (fish skin and scales). We decided to use bovine collagen because of its many benefits. It’s more genetically compatible with humans than marine collagen, meaning it is easily digested, absorbed and distributed throughout the body - in particular to the dermis (the layer of skin that lies below the epidermis). It is also rich in both Type I and Type III collagen, whereas marine collagen only contains Type I, plus it boasts a more impressive amino acid profile. Not to mention the taste is neutral and it blends beautifully into both hot and cold liquids.

As an Australian beauty brand, it’s always been at the heart of our ethos to use locally-sourced ingredients and work with domestic suppliers. That’s why our collagen comes from Australian cattle, which have been ethically and sustainably managed according to our country’s strict green farming protocols. Grass-fed and pasture-raised, the cattle are free from any hormones, antibiotics, toxins and heavy metals. The result is a premium, food-grade collagen product that supports the local economy and allows us to have complete visibility over our supply chain.

Like with any edible product, collagen is absorbed directly into the blood stream so it’s imperative to know where your collagen comes from so that you can choose the best option available.

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