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Pour. Mix. Drink. How to Take Collagen

Pour. Mix. Drink. How to Take Collagen

Edible bovine collagen is clinically proven to hydrate and plump the skin, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity and density. It also strengthens hair and nails, promotes growth, and improves thinning and brittleness. Along with these beauty benefits, studies show it contributes to overall gut health by improving the intestinal barrier and preventing leaky gut. The best bit? It couldn’t be easier to incorporate into your existing ritual. Find out below just how easy it is to unlock your brightest beauty yet.

What is collagen and why is it so important?

The most abundant protein in the body, collagen has many vital functions including giving the skin structure, strength and elasticity. Starting in our 20s, we rapidly begin to lose our natural supply of it each year - resulting in visible signs of ageing. Sun exposure, smoking and alcohol consumption can accelerate this breakdown even further. Edible collagen provides the protein in hydrolysed form - meaning it is broken down into smaller units, including amino acids and peptides, which are easily digested and distributed throughout the body and skin.

How do I take By Beth collagen?

All of our collagen comes in powder form. That means it’s incredibly easy to add to your favourite drink. Simply add 1 teaspoon to 250ml of your liquid of choice, stir to dissolve and sip.


Can I add By Beth a hot drink, like tea or coffee?

All of our formulations blend beautifully with any hot or cold liquids.

How often should I take By Beth collagen?

We recommend taking 3-4 serves per day for ongoing maintenance. If you’re planning for a special event or you’re new to collagen, you could also try collagen loading, which involves increasing your collagen levels over a short period of time by taking 4-5 serves per day for 2-3 weeks. You can find out more about collagen loading here. 

What does By Beth collagen taste like?

The Original is made from a single ingredient: 100% Australian bovine collagen. It is virtually tasteless! Our Fruit & Floral and Wood & Spice flavours combine 100% Australian bovine collagen with complementary native Australian botanicals, high in antioxidants and subtle and uplifting in flavour.

How long until I see results?

Most of our customers report results within the first few weeks of incorporating By Beth into their daily beauty routine. We recommend allowing at least 28 days (the time in which it takes the skin to undergo its natural cycle of renewal) and ideally up to 3 months of continued use to see optimal results.

Can I use By Beth collagen in cooking?

If you want to experiment with using By Beth products in cooking, we recommend using The Original because it is unflavored. Mix the collagen with a hot liquid until it begins to dissolve. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes until cool, then add to your recipe of choice (smoothies, soups etc).

When is the best time of day to take By Beth collagen?

Some people say that taking collagen first thing on an empty stomach is ideal, while others tend to think that before bed is best, due to the body’s ability to naturally repair and rejuvenate during sleep. However, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest a specific time of day is optimal for taking collagen. What’s much more important is ensuring you are sticking to a routine of taking at least 3-4 serves per day. Consistency is key.


Can I take my daily serves together or is it better to spread them out?

It’s really a matter of personal preference. If you’re busy and prone to forgetting about supplements, you can certainly take your 3-4 serves of collagen in one hit (adding to a large smoothie or pot of tea is perfect for this). Alternatively, if you enjoy the ritual aspect of punctuating your day with 3-4 moments of self-care, spreading out your serves across the day is as equally beneficial.

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