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How does edible collagen hydrate the skin?

How does edible collagen hydrate the skin?

Photo by Holly Titheridge for By Beth

Bovine collagen is known as a super-hydrator for the skin. We recently conducted a survey of 100 respondents who took The Original (our 100% Australian bovine collagen formulation) daily over a period of 8 weeks. In just this short period of time, the respondents experienced an array of visible improvements to their skin, nails and hair. Amazingly, 88% said their skin felt much more hydrated after taking By Beth. So how exactly does bovine collagen hydrate the skin from within?

Collagen is an abundant protein found naturally in the body, which is responsible for keeping the skin smooth, dewy and firm. As we get older, our supply decreases, which can lead to signs of ageing such as fine lines and skin laxity – as well as dryness, uneven texture and roughness resulting from skin dehydration. Edible bovine collagen, however, boosts the body’s collagen supply at a cellular level and has been proven to remain in the dermis (the layer of skin that lies below the epidermis) for up to 14 days.

Bovine collagen boasts a rich amino acid profile – including hydroxyproline, which is a hallmark of youthful skin. Numerous studies (such as this one from 2010 and this one from 2013) have found that hydroxyproline actually triggers skin cells into producing hyaluronic acid, another substance naturally created by the body that increases the skin’s water content. This is important because as we age, along with declining collagen levels, the skin also finds it increasingly difficult to retain moisture, which causes it to be less plump and bouncy. 

Other studies suggest that edible collagen is so effective in hydrating the skin due to its ability to increase Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF). Found in healthy skin, NMF is a combination of naturally occurring substances that keep the topmost layer of the skin hydrated and healthy. They include amino acids, minerals, lactic acids and peptides. As this 2021 clinical trial demonstrates, edible collagen improves skin water content by both increasing NMF and preventing transepidermal water loss (how quickly water content evaporates from the skin).

Along with consuming plenty of fluids and using a well-formulated moisturiser, incorporating edible collagen into your beauty routine is a certain way to ensure hydration both internally and externally. All of our By Beth formulations use grass-fed and pasture-raised Australian bovine collagen along with native botanicals to reveal radiance from the inside out. Just add water.

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