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Hydration, luminosity and smoother skin: what customers are saying about By Beth

Hydration, luminosity and smoother skin: what customers are saying about By Beth

At By Beth, we’re big believers in the many beautifying benefits of bovine collagen. In our formulations, Australian bovine collagen and native botanicals reveal radiance from the inside out. Using ethical, local and premium ingredients, we have created an edible beauty line that celebrates nature while being firmly grounded in science. In a beauty landscape characterised by misinformation, convoluted ingredients and clever marketing, our first step was looking at the clinical evidence in developing efficacious formulations that deliver real results.

We recently conducted a survey of 100 respondents who took The Original (our 100% Australian bovine collagen formulation) daily over a period of 8 weeks. In just this short period of time, the respondents experienced an array of visible improvements to their skin, nails and hair, reflecting the growing body of clinical evidence regarding collagen’s amazing abilities to boost beauty at a cellular level. 


Some highlights from our survey:

  • 86% of our testers noticed a significant improvement in their skin
  • 88% said their skin felt much more hydrated after taking By Beth
  • 70% stated that their skin’s elasticity had improved
  • 61% noticed a reduction in skin concerns like eczema, acne and psoriasis
  • 62% noted a reduction in pore size
  • 53% experienced smoother skin
  • 75% reported an overall improvement in their nail health
  • 74% experienced stronger, thicker, longer hair

What our customers are saying:

“​​My eyelashes that are super short are actually longer and curling. No joke, it’s like I have eyelash extensions” - Julie T

“I could see an improvement in the appearance of my skin, especially on my face, that was more hydrated, firm, radiant and soft” - Leonie C

“I am currently breastfeeding and still have some pigmentation from the pregnancy. I had zero expectation that collagen would help pigmentation but I would have to say now that this is the biggest change I have seen which is amazing. My skin just looks healthier!” - Rebecca N

“It is tasteless so taking it has never been a problem. While I have noticed changes in my hair and eyelashes, without doubt the biggest change has been my nails. Previously they were cracking and splintering and no matter what I tried nothing worked - but no more. Since using By Beth they are now amazing. Definitely a product to have at all times.” - Toni B

“I absolutely loved adding this to my morning coffee. I noticed a visible improvement in my nails. After having my nails treated with shellac for a few years they were brittle and weak. After using the collagen powder my nails are again strong and grow super fast. Also my eyelashes have never been better; so nice and thick. The jar it comes in is so beautiful, so much easier than taking collagen tablets. I definitely recommend this product and will continue to use it.” - Jessie HD

Have you tried our collagen and seen results yourself? We’d love for you to leave us a review and share your wellness journey with others!

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